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Happy Mother's Day!

Children start to develop some interesting perceptions of the world at a young age.  Notice the answers a group of second-grade school children gave when asked about their mothers.

Why did God make mothers?

She’s the only one who knows where the scotch tape is.

Mostly to clean the house.

What do mothers do in their spare time? 

Mothers don’t have spare time. 

What would it take to make your mom perfect?

On the inside she’s already perfect. Outside, I think some kind of plastic surgery. 

What ingredients are mothers made of?

God makes mothers out of clouds and angel hair and everything nice in the world.

While a bit humorous, these school children can tell you that motherhood is a tough job. At times, she takes on the role of cook, maid, doctor, taxi driver, coach and referee. On other days, a friend, a confidant, counselor and a spiritual leader best describer her. No matter the title, moms are special. 

 Unfortunately, many children in Arkansas do not grow up in homes with their mother. Each year, about 300 of these children and teens enter into the care of Arkansas Baptist Children’s Homes and Family Ministries. 

 Jason* is one of these residents. He hasn’t seen his mom in almost three years and he doesn’t know if she is dead or alive. Not long ago, Jason told his housemother, Linda*, that he “really missed his momma’s cooking” and “wished he had videoed her cooking” his favorite soup. 

 As a result, Linda contacted one of Jason’s brothers, who lives on our campus, and asked him to tell her about the famous soup. She cooked it for him one evening. “When Jason saw the soup,  his first words were, ‘I don’t think it looked like that, but maybe I just don’t remember,” shared Linda, adding, “But when he tasted it, a big smile lit up his face and he said, ‘Taste just like my momma’s.’”

 While she can’t take the place of Jason’s birth mother, Linda is one of many housemothers that have been called by God to stand in the gap.  “I know the pot of soup didn’t bring his momma back, but I hope it brought back memories of positive, loving times with her. I love my boys,” said Linda.

 We invite you to help us minister to children like Jason. Will you help us reach out to other kids that need “motherly” love and care? 

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On behalf of our residents,

David Perry, ABCHomes Executive Director

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