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Senior adults donate $23,000 in quarters

IT'S OFTEN SAID that, “every penny counts,” but a group of senior adults in southwest Arkansas believe that quarters “make more ‘cents.’” 

For the 11th year, the senior adults at the Little River Baptist Association in Nashville have been taking part in an annual missions venture to raise funds for the Arkansas Baptist Children’s Homes and Family Ministries (ABCHomes.) Known as “Quarters for Kids,” the fund-raiser brought in more than $23,000 in quarters and a few other monetary gifts.

This year’s donation was the largest amount collected by the senior adults. Last year, the group raised $22,247. Since its inception, the annual fund-raiser has brought in more than $153,000 in quarters for ABCHomes.

The funds will be distributed to each resident in the care of ABCHomes, every ABCHomes houseparent and every child of a housparent. Each recipient will receive a designated amount to purchase Christmas gifts for their loved ones and friends. An additional gift will be given to recipients to spend on themselves.

Annually spearheaded by Mary Ann Jones, Little River Association senior adult director, the project encourages association churches to collect quarters for ABCHomes all year long. At least 20 churches took part in this year’s fund-raising event.

True to tradition, churches collected quarters in unique containers. This year’s quarters were collected in reusable Arkansas Razorback containers. These items included backpacks, purses, lunch boxes, duffle bags, insulated coolers, canisters, water bottles and trash cans. Containers were distributed to ABCHomes campuses.

“Quarters for Kids” project is the best of both worlds for our children,” shared David Perry, ABCHomes executive director, adding that the project allows ABCHomes children to both receive spending money and give it away to purchase Christmas gifts for others. 

“The kids get really excited about buying gifts for others, whether it is a family member, an important adult in their life or a friend,” said Perry. “Having funds to spend this way really makes them feel good. Many of them put a lot of care and thought into making those purchases.”

Perry expressed his appreciation to the group for “thoughtfully including the houseparents and the children of houseparents. It is obvious how important houseparents are to this ministry and to the children.  Sometimes we forget that their children are a part of the ministry.  They’re sharing mom and dad with a house full of other kids and, frankly, they are sometimes overlooked.”